During the Summer I have a little habit that I use for my success.  I get together with a group of like minded business people and go on a little vacation.  These people are mentors that I respect terribly.  The reason I respect them is that they challenge me.  They make me set some new goals so that by the next year that we get together my life is better.

They are tough as well, if I mess up they tell me.  But most of all they encourage me to challenge myself.  Ultimately it is good for me.  Now it is time to Challenge yourself.

At some point you said to yourself I want to get into a new career in pharmaceuticals.  I want a good life.  I want more money.  I want to speak to new interesting professionals, I want to be in a stable industry.  Or maybe it was something else that is good about this fantastic industry.

What ever it was it is time that you challenge yourself to get something new started.  Why wait life is only going to pass you by.  The world is yours if you just get started and September is a fantastic time.

The kids are back in school, everyone is rested after summer vacation, they got some sun and are in good moods.  The summer generally slows everything down in the pharmaceutical world.  I use to have one colleague that used to do nothing but take his clients out for lunch during the summer.  Usually on his motorcycle.  The hardest part is to start.  So get started.

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