The other day I received a fantastic email from a man who is trying to get involved with the industry. I believe that his question was very pertinent to many others out there who are pursuing this type of sales career. He asked me to change his name and location, so I have done that.

First the letter:

Dear Hunter,

I appreciate your response. I will be ordering your book in a few minutes.

I have been interested in Pharmaceutical Sales and applying for jobs for eighteen months. I did land a phone interview with a large pharmaceutical company last year and I was so unprepared, I did not hear from them again. Last November, a head hunter called and asked if I was interested in a career with this large pharmaceutical company. Needless to say, I said I was. I forwarded my resume and was once again given a phone interview, which landed me my first personal interview.

I was interviewed by the regional manager from the U.S.A region. The regional manager for the SW region never arrived. Two days later, I received an e-mail from the SW region that I was being moved up on the interview schedule - timing was unknown for the next interview and this is the region I am interested in. I received an e-mail from the U.S.A region, several days later, saying they were not interested. This was very confusing at first.

Several years ago, I applied for a job with MASTER Technology out of Las Vegas. My first interview did not go well, but I kept in contact anyway. At first I faxed information to them once a month, then once a week, and then every day. Just as I was about to give up, they called and asked if I could be in New York for training in two days. I was with MASTER for a number of years before they had to file for reorganization - I left once month before the sales staff was let go.

I wanted to get back to selling capital equipment or pharmaceuticals, working with the medical profession, but no luck. I limited the number of times I sent out my resume or applied for jobs listed in the newspaper or on Monster - I just never got a response doing this.

My question to you is this - should I be persistent in keeping contact with this large pharmaceutical company ? I know that a local representative for this large pharmaceutical company will be at our medical clinic this coming 12th day of January.

I plan to be there. I also requested the to clinic forward my name and phone number to the representative so that I might be able to meet with them at an earlier date.

If in fact I land a job with a pharmaceutical company, with your assistance, it will be worth far more than $45.00. Wish I had you as a mentor or coach much earlier.

John Wayne

There is so much in this letter that it makes a fantastic Case presentation. First I want to say thank you for John to give me the opportunity to use his letter and situation for my newsletter and also for purchasing my book.

What all of this is really trying to do is give you all the best chance to succeed in this career. Reading and researching about the industry is just going to increase the strength of your knowledge with in the industry. I know that my step-by-step method is an excellent but most importantly a fast way to gain inside information that will tip you over the edge and into a career. That way you wont feel unprepared.

Next, you mention that SW regional manager never arrived. This is totally normal. These people are not only very high up in the company but they are also extremely busy.

How about a phone call to him or her to tell them that you missed them at the interview and to reschedule. I cannot stress how important someone like this is to your chance at the job. All of this puts your name to the top of the list.

So now is the time to get out and get yourself known within the industry. This and more is all outlined in my easy step-by-step method found at:

Committed to giving you the best chance to succeed in this exciting industry,

Hunter Davis

P.S John Wayne you can for sure get this one. Be persistent. As ever, you have nothing to lose.