Ive spent the last two days reading all the responses to the last post I wrote, and Ive got to say I had NO idea just how deep a nerve those questions would touch!

(Thats the post where I asked if youre happy with your current success, and if not, whats holding you back.)

Heres what one of my subscribers named James had to share:

Hunter, thanks for getting me off my butt. (Well, starting to, anyway.) Ive been struggling for years in a company thats just never going to reward me with the kind of promotion and pay i think Im worth.

Ive daydreamed for years about making a big switch. But now Im motivated, Im ready, and Im full of fire. Cant wait for you to lay this big surprise on meIll be waiting.

James, I know just what youre talking about, believe me. Heck, before I broke into the pharma sales industry, I was busting my behind as a waiter in a steak and seafood restaurant!

But I made the change, and today I thank my lucky stars that I took a chance and did it. Every day brings more wealth, more financial security, and that feeling you get when youre getting further ahead every day.

And I want to give you, my subscribers, the chance to get exactly where I am today.

If youre ready to make the big move, youll get your chance

tomorrow morning at 10am Eastern Time.

Im still putting the finishing touches on it, but Ill unveil it bright and early tomorrow morning and trust me, youll want to see this one.

So keep an eye on this site!

Ill also announce the winner of a free copy of my Pharma Career Guide Interview Success System stay tuned!