All I can say is wow!

When I decided to launch my 45-day Pharma Career Challenge yesterday, giving 45 people the opportunity to test-drive my industry-changing Pharma Career Guide Interview Success System for 45 full days

well, I honestly had no idea there would be this kind of response.

I mean, I only made it available to those of you who have signed up through my website so I already knew that youre serious about getting started in the pharmaceutical sales industry.

But I didnt expect NEARLY ALL of the 45 special trial copies of my system to sell out in the FIRST DAY!

(And I didnt even mention the fact that you can get your hands on one for just $2.95!)

Thats why I just wanted to email you today and let you know that there are still 12 copies left at the $2.95 trial rate. Once those are gone, I cant promise Ill offer this special promotion again. If you miss it, Im sorry, but youll have to pay the usual $47 price.

So why not step up and take the challenge? If any part of it doesnt work for you, just cancel and youve only risked $2.95 the price of a latte.

If this is the year youre going to make the big change and break into the industry, nows your chance. Pick up one of the final 12 packages and I personally guarantee you can be working at the company of your choice within 45 days.

For details or just to see if any copies are left visit:

You can do this.

To your success,

Hunter Davis

P.S. Remember, there are just 12 packages left at the ridiculous challenge price of $2.95 for 45 days. To claim yours, visit: