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An Industry Tip about a Pen?

Posted by Hunter on 24 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Sales techniques and training

Sell me a pen!Personally I been asked to do this in a number of interviews. In the first company I was hired by this was one of the key interview questions. I have also had this question when going for promotions or when changing divisions with in the company.

If the company or manager that is doing the hiring is looking for a person that will be able to sell the product, then why not see how well you can sell them a fictional pen. In my book found at there is an easy step-by-step sales method that you can follow.

Doing so easily will guarantee your spot in the organization. In fact my book will quickly and easily explain how to sell anything from a pen to a pharmaceutical product but most importantly, yourself in an interview.

To learn about how to really answer this interview question and ensure that your career gets put directly on track to make you a lot more money and more importantly an excellent lifestyle.