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Can YOU build real wealth in recession time?

Posted by Hunter on 24 Jan 2009 | Tagged as: Pharmaceutical sales salary

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Readers, I dont know about your personal situation but when I look at whats happening financially all around the globe all I can say is


With the housing market in the US and worldwide going down the tubes, oil and gas prices skyrocketing, and companies everywhere going into full-on recession mode its harder than ever for most people to build real, lasting wealth.

If youve been unfortunate enough to suffer the loss of your job, the loss of your homes precious equity, or even just the opportunities that went away with the last signs of our booming economy my heart goes out to you.

But whether youre still working in your current field, or if youre just wondering how youll ever break into the world of lasting professional success Ive got two words that youll be happy to hear:


Im talking, of course, about big pharmaceutical companies like the one I work for. Sure, their stock prices may go up and down, but these financial juggernauts are here to stay. Why?

Because no matter what happens to the world economy, people will always need the medicines these companies develop.

They say only two things are certain in life death and taxes but Id propose a third thing: the lasting wealth generated by the pharmaceutical industry.

So if your own financial future has been looking less than perfect lately, believe me, youre not alone. Many of my friends have lost jobs, seen investments go south, and worse in the last year.

Thats why I find my own career in pharmaceutical sales so comforting in times like these. Because despite the stormy economy, my decision to work in this field ensures that I can continue to live in my comfortable home and support my growing family. Theres no better feeling.

(And the company car and free gas sure prevent me from ever worrying about oil prices either!)

Theres more competition than ever for these lucrative positions that come with all the perks but if you know how to play the game, you can practically guarantee yourself an insider advantage to a high-paying new career.

And because times are tough and youre probably low on cash to make the big move, Im putting together something truly special that will make it easy for ANYONE whether youre unemployed, a student, or even working in another field to step into the exciting world of unlimited opportunities in pharma sales.

Are you curious?

Well, youll have to wait just a few days while I put the finishing touches on it. I promise itll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, I have a question to ask:

Are you happy with your current success? And if not whats holding you back from making a change RIGHT NOW?

Why dont you write me back and let me know? Id love to hear your opinions.

And just to make it worth your while, Ill add all responses to a draw for a free copy of my Pharma Career Guide Interview Success System!

Write me back at hunterdavis (at) pharmacareerguide (dot) com, or by visiting my contact page, or by submitting your answers in the comments section below.

Ill announce the winner in three days and Ill reveal the secret plan Im working on too.

Heres to your success!