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The Pharma Career Challenge closed

Posted by Hunter on 13 Oct 2008 | Tagged as: Pharma Career Challenge

Dear subscribers,

I cant believe Im telling you this already but the Pharma Career Guide 45-Day Challenge is now CLOSED.

I thought it would go on much longer, but after a flurry of sign-ups, we reached our limit of 45 students in less than two days. I wish we could take on more, but at this point, the limit of 45 people is all I can handle.

If you missed this special opportunity to spend a full 45 days testing my interview system thats guaranteed to get you hired in the highly lucrative field of pharmaceutical sales

theres still hope!

Its possible that one or two people might drop out in the early stages so just in case that happens, Ive created a waiting list for those of you who are keen to snap up one of these in-demand packages.

If youre still ready to kick-start your high-paying career in pharmaceutical sales for the ridiculously low price of just $2.95, visit the sign-up page and join the wait list here

and then cross your fingers!

Even if a spot doesnt open up this time, Ill add you to a special top priority list so youll be the first to hear about it if I decide to offer this special opportunity again!

To your success,

Hunter Davis

Down to just 12 challenge spots left already?

Posted by Hunter on 09 Oct 2008 | Tagged as: Pharma Career Challenge

All I can say is wow!

When I decided to launch my 45-day Pharma Career Challenge yesterday, giving 45 people the opportunity to test-drive my industry-changing Pharma Career Guide Interview Success System for 45 full days

well, I honestly had no idea there would be this kind of response.

I mean, I only made it available to those of you who have signed up through my website so I already knew that youre serious about getting started in the pharmaceutical sales industry.

But I didnt expect NEARLY ALL of the 45 special trial copies of my system to sell out in the FIRST DAY!

(And I didnt even mention the fact that you can get your hands on one for just $2.95!)

Thats why I just wanted to email you today and let you know that there are still 12 copies left at the $2.95 trial rate. Once those are gone, I cant promise Ill offer this special promotion again. If you miss it, Im sorry, but youll have to pay the usual $47 price.

So why not step up and take the challenge? If any part of it doesnt work for you, just cancel and youve only risked $2.95 the price of a latte.

If this is the year youre going to make the big change and break into the industry, nows your chance. Pick up one of the final 12 packages and I personally guarantee you can be working at the company of your choice within 45 days.

For details or just to see if any copies are left visit:

You can do this.

To your success,

Hunter Davis

P.S. Remember, there are just 12 packages left at the ridiculous challenge price of $2.95 for 45 days. To claim yours, visit:

The Pharma Career Challenge is Here!

Posted by Hunter on 07 Oct 2008 | Tagged as: Pharma Career Challenge

Heres the challenge: Im giving 45 people ridiculously cheap access to everything you need to guarantee yourself a high-paying career in pharma sales.Follow the system and youll be working in this industry within 45 days. Guaranteed.

Read on to learn how the Pharma Career Challenge can change your life and fast-track your success and wealth starting today!

Many subscribers have personally written to me in the past three days, telling me about your hopes, dreams, and ambitions for landing the high-paying career youve always wanted.

Ive read every one of your emails and between reading them, Ive put the finishing touches on the big secret that Ive been developing:

The Pharma Career Challenge.

Having hopes and dreams is easy. We all have them. What separates the truly successful people from the rest of the crowd is the way you answer one question:

Are you ready to step up and take action?

If youre ready to fast-track your career success and get going NOW in one of the highest-paying industries out there Im making it completely simple AND ridiculously cheap for you to do it.

Follow the system and I guarantee youll be working in this industry within 45 days. Its that simple.

Ive designed this system to be so affordable that theres literally no excuse not to get started right away. In fact, getting going will cost you less than a fancy coffee at Starbucks.

But its only for the first 45 people who sign up.

For details, visit:

Id also like to congratulate Michael Mathewson of Davis Bay, BC, whose email response was drawn at random to receive a copy of the Pharma Career Guide Interview Success System. Michael, your package is on its way!

And heres my question to the rest of you: Are you content to stay where you are right now or would you rather make the leap into a new world of wealth and personal freedom?

Ive lowered the bar for you here to help you get in the game. I hope youll take the challenge youll never look back.

Are YOU up for the challenge?

To your success,


P.S. If youre wondering whether youll be able to afford this, I assure you youll laugh when you see how ridiculously affordable it is (hint it costs less than a latte at Starbucks):

You deserve a bright start in a new career today so step up and take the challenge!