Do I Need a Degree to Work in Pharmaceutical Sales?

Posted by Hunter on 11 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: Pharmaceutical sales job requirements

This is without a doubt one of the most common questions that I get asked by people who would like to enter into the pharmaceutical industry:Is it necessary for people to have a university degree in order to get into pharmaceutical sales as a career?

In fact, I have received so many letters with this same question that I think it is time to address the issue.

The truth to this is that there is no correct answer. I have worked in this industry for many years and most people that I have met and worked with do have a degree.

However, do I know people working in the industry that do not have a university degree? Yes, absolutely! In fact, many of the best sales people I know do not have a degree.

I think that for the most part a couple of generalities will hold true.

The really big pharmaceutical companies will most likely be hard-line sticklers on the degree issue and it will be more difficult to get hired by one of these companies without one. At the same time, I have met a number of people working for the Big Ten Pharmaceutical Companies chest and most successful people in the world).

There are also some really exciting areas of health care sales to think about as well. These can be both extremely interesting and extremely lucrative. Medical supply companies or medical device
companies are one example of growth areas and many of them are looking to expand. These companies will often hire people that can sell regardless of educational background.

Sales ability! This is the key. I know that I often mention the importance of sales ability, but a person really must have knowledge in this area if they are to succeed. Its true regardless of a persons level of education.

Lets look at the flip side. Say someone has a degree from university. Are they guaranteed entrance into the industry?

No absolutely not!

They need to sell on their strengths, and a degree is only a small part of this process.

I really focus on this aspect in my book which lays out a simple step-by-step method to achieve this knowledge and succeed. One of the key principles of this is to sell on your strengths not the perceived weakness. (I say this because there are people who do not have university degrees and yet are the richest and most successful people in the world).

HIGHLIGHT WHAT YOU DO HAVE and not what you dont have! Sell your strengths! I am sure that you have plenty.

Now lets be clear. I am not suggesting you lie or hide the fact that you dont have something, not for a minute. But do not highlight it or advertise it.

Let me give you a quick analogy. Lets pretend I am a sales person in a bike store. I am with a client and am trying to sell them a bike. Would I tell them all the things my bike doesnt have or cant do? Of course not. I know this sounds ridiculous, but sales people have done this with me so many times. It almost appears that the sales person is trying to un-sell the product.

One summary statement on the issue!

If you dont have a degree you still can enter into this exciting industry. However if you do not learn to sell your strengths, you will have trouble entering into the industry. The mere fact that someone has a degree does not mean that they can sell. You must learn to make someone want to hire you because of your strengths, in spite of the fact that you may not have the level of education that they prefer.

Good luck I know that you can do it!

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Why is September a Special Month in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Posted by Hunter on 08 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: Jobs in pharmaceutical sales

During the Summer I have a little habit that I use for my success.  I get together with a group of like minded business people and go on a little vacation.  These people are mentors that I respect terribly.  The reason I respect them is that they challenge me.  They make me set some new goals so that by the next year that we get together my life is better.

They are tough as well, if I mess up they tell me.  But most of all they encourage me to challenge myself.  Ultimately it is good for me.  Now it is time to Challenge yourself.

At some point you said to yourself I want to get into a new career in pharmaceuticals.  I want a good life.  I want more money.  I want to speak to new interesting professionals, I want to be in a stable industry.  Or maybe it was something else that is good about this fantastic industry.

What ever it was it is time that you challenge yourself to get something new started.  Why wait life is only going to pass you by.  The world is yours if you just get started and September is a fantastic time.

The kids are back in school, everyone is rested after summer vacation, they got some sun and are in good moods.  The summer generally slows everything down in the pharmaceutical world.  I use to have one colleague that used to do nothing but take his clients out for lunch during the summer.  Usually on his motorcycle.  The hardest part is to start.  So get started.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Strategies: How to Get the Job

Posted by Hunter on 28 Jun 2009 | Tagged as: Jobs in pharmaceutical sales

When going in for an interview with in the pharmaceutical industry there are a number of excellent ways that you can prepare yourself for any questions that might be thrown your way!The most common type of interview question used today is one that will require you to explain a trait that you believe will make you an excellent candidate for the position.

No kidding, you say! Well here is the catch!

Say you tell them that you are creative and think outside the box. The next question that will be thrown at you is to ask you to explain how in the last week you have been so creative and thought outside the box.

So make sure that you have thought about what you are going to say when you are asked to give your strengths and weaknesses in an interview. The questioning never stops there.

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There is a much more detailed explanation into this interview technique, along with lots of ways to turn questions like this to your advantage. There are also many more interesting tidbits of information to help you get a six-figure income in pharmaceuticals.

Make your big career move tomorrow morning!

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Ive spent the last two days reading all the responses to the last post I wrote, and Ive got to say I had NO idea just how deep a nerve those questions would touch!

(Thats the post where I asked if youre happy with your current success, and if not, whats holding you back.)

Heres what one of my subscribers named James had to share:

Hunter, thanks for getting me off my butt. (Well, starting to, anyway.) Ive been struggling for years in a company thats just never going to reward me with the kind of promotion and pay i think Im worth.

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James, I know just what youre talking about, believe me. Heck, before I broke into the pharma sales industry, I was busting my behind as a waiter in a steak and seafood restaurant!

But I made the change, and today I thank my lucky stars that I took a chance and did it. Every day brings more wealth, more financial security, and that feeling you get when youre getting further ahead every day.

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Can YOU build real wealth in recession time?

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Youll learn the real answer in just three days! Keep reading

Readers, I dont know about your personal situation but when I look at whats happening financially all around the globe all I can say is


With the housing market in the US and worldwide going down the tubes, oil and gas prices skyrocketing, and companies everywhere going into full-on recession mode its harder than ever for most people to build real, lasting wealth.

If youve been unfortunate enough to suffer the loss of your job, the loss of your homes precious equity, or even just the opportunities that went away with the last signs of our booming economy my heart goes out to you.

But whether youre still working in your current field, or if youre just wondering how youll ever break into the world of lasting professional success Ive got two words that youll be happy to hear:


Im talking, of course, about big pharmaceutical companies like the one I work for. Sure, their stock prices may go up and down, but these financial juggernauts are here to stay. Why?

Because no matter what happens to the world economy, people will always need the medicines these companies develop.

They say only two things are certain in life death and taxes but Id propose a third thing: the lasting wealth generated by the pharmaceutical industry.

So if your own financial future has been looking less than perfect lately, believe me, youre not alone. Many of my friends have lost jobs, seen investments go south, and worse in the last year.

Thats why I find my own career in pharmaceutical sales so comforting in times like these. Because despite the stormy economy, my decision to work in this field ensures that I can continue to live in my comfortable home and support my growing family. Theres no better feeling.

(And the company car and free gas sure prevent me from ever worrying about oil prices either!)

Theres more competition than ever for these lucrative positions that come with all the perks but if you know how to play the game, you can practically guarantee yourself an insider advantage to a high-paying new career.

And because times are tough and youre probably low on cash to make the big move, Im putting together something truly special that will make it easy for ANYONE whether youre unemployed, a student, or even working in another field to step into the exciting world of unlimited opportunities in pharma sales.

Are you curious?

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The Pharma Career Challenge closed

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Dear subscribers,

I cant believe Im telling you this already but the Pharma Career Guide 45-Day Challenge is now CLOSED.

I thought it would go on much longer, but after a flurry of sign-ups, we reached our limit of 45 students in less than two days. I wish we could take on more, but at this point, the limit of 45 people is all I can handle.

If you missed this special opportunity to spend a full 45 days testing my interview system thats guaranteed to get you hired in the highly lucrative field of pharmaceutical sales

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Down to just 12 challenge spots left already?

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All I can say is wow!

When I decided to launch my 45-day Pharma Career Challenge yesterday, giving 45 people the opportunity to test-drive my industry-changing Pharma Career Guide Interview Success System for 45 full days

well, I honestly had no idea there would be this kind of response.

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The Pharma Career Challenge is Here!

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Heres the challenge: Im giving 45 people ridiculously cheap access to everything you need to guarantee yourself a high-paying career in pharma sales.Follow the system and youll be working in this industry within 45 days. Guaranteed.

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Many subscribers have personally written to me in the past three days, telling me about your hopes, dreams, and ambitions for landing the high-paying career youve always wanted.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Case Presentation

Posted by Hunter on 24 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Pharmaceutical Outside Sales

The other day I received a fantastic email from a man who is trying to get involved with the industry. I believe that his question was very pertinent to many others out there who are pursuing this type of sales career. He asked me to change his name and location, so I have done that.

First the letter:

Dear Hunter,

I appreciate your response. I will be ordering your book in a few minutes.

I have been interested in Pharmaceutical Sales and applying for jobs for eighteen months. I did land a phone interview with a large pharmaceutical company last year and I was so unprepared, I did not hear from them again. Last November, a head hunter called and asked if I was interested in a career with this large pharmaceutical company. Needless to say, I said I was. I forwarded my resume and was once again given a phone interview, which landed me my first personal interview.

I was interviewed by the regional manager from the U.S.A region. The regional manager for the SW region never arrived. Two days later, I received an e-mail from the SW region that I was being moved up on the interview schedule timing was unknown for the next interview and this is the region I am interested in. I received an e-mail from the U.S.A region, several days later, saying they were not interested. This was very confusing at first.

Several years ago, I applied for a job with MASTER Technology out of Las Vegas. My first interview did not go well, but I kept in contact anyway. At first I faxed information to them once a month, then once a week, and then every day. Just as I was about to give up, they called and asked if I could be in New York for training in two days. I was with MASTER for a number of years before they had to file for reorganization I left once month before the sales staff was let go.

I wanted to get back to selling capital equipment or pharmaceuticals, working with the medical profession, but no luck. I limited the number of times I sent out my resume or applied for jobs listed in the newspaper or on Monster I just never got a response doing this.

My question to you is this should I be persistent in keeping contact with this large pharmaceutical company ? I know that a local representative for this large pharmaceutical company will be at our medical clinic this coming 12th day of January.

I plan to be there. I also requested the to clinic forward my name and phone number to the representative so that I might be able to meet with them at an earlier date.

If in fact I land a job with a pharmaceutical company, with your assistance, it will be worth far more than $45.00. Wish I had you as a mentor or coach much earlier.


There is so much in this letter that it makes a fantastic Case presentation. First I want to say thank you for John to give me the opportunity to use his letter and situation for my newsletter and also for purchasing my book.

What all of this is really trying to do is give you all the best chance to succeed in this career. Reading and researching about the industry is just going to increase the strength of your knowledge with in the industry. I know that my step-by-step method is an excellent but most importantly a fast way to gain inside information that will tip you over the edge and into a career. That way you wont feel unprepared.

Next, you mention that SW regional manager never arrived. This is totally normal. These people are not only very high up in the company but they are also extremely busy.

How about a phone call to him or her to tell them that you missed them at the interview and to reschedule. I cannot stress how important someone like this is to your chance at the job. All of this puts your name to the top of the list.

So now is the time to get out and get yourself known within the industry. This and more is all outlined in my easy step-by-step method found at:

Committed to giving you the best chance to succeed in this exciting industry,

Hunter Davis

P.S John you can for sure get this one. Be persistent. As ever, you have nothing to lose.

An Industry Tip about a Pen?

Posted by Hunter on 24 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Sales techniques and training

Sell me a pen!Personally I been asked to do this in a number of interviews. In the first company I was hired by this was one of the key interview questions. I have also had this question when going for promotions or when changing divisions with in the company.

If the company or manager that is doing the hiring is looking for a person that will be able to sell the product, then why not see how well you can sell them a fictional pen. In my book found at there is an easy step-by-step sales method that you can follow.

Doing so easily will guarantee your spot in the organization. In fact my book will quickly and easily explain how to sell anything from a pen to a pharmaceutical product but most importantly, yourself in an interview.

To learn about how to really answer this interview question and ensure that your career gets put directly on track to make you a lot more money and more importantly an excellent lifestyle.



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