About Hunter Davis and

Hunter Davis has been working at the sharp end of international pharmaceutical sales and pharmacy jobs for many years.

His strong entrepreneurial attitude, "get it done" philosophy, and industry knowledge have led to him becoming a leader in the pharmaceutical sales industry, with an impressive track record of success that includes generating more than $3.4 million in pharmaceutical sales per year for his employers.

Davis has explained the secrets to his success in his top-selling Career Guide to Pharmaceutical Sales -- an affordable step-by-step guide that shares his hard-won insider knowledge about everything from writing your resume to using a headhunter to acing the big interview.

If you're looking for a job in pharmaceutical sales, you simply can't do better.

Why? Because within the pharmaceutical industry, Davis is a leader, hugely respected among colleagues and clients alike. He has worked with pharmaceutical professionals and medical practitioners around the globe, including Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Pathologists, Surgical Oncologists, Urologists, Plastics, Dermatologists, Gynecologists, General Practitioners, Family Medicine Specialists, and Neurosurgeons.

A Bachelor of Science graduate, Davis's professional experience encompasses managing pharmacy day-to-day operations, developing budgets and business plans, overseeing and implementing new business and marketing initiatives, and conducting contract negotiations with new and existing clients in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Over the course of his career in the pharmaceutical industry, Davis has built a reputation for successfully mentoring colleagues, generating new and refreshing ideas, and helping to foster productive and stimulating team environments.

He is also an accomplished presenter, as comfortable in front of a large audience as in one-on-one discussions and negotiations.

Most recently, Hunter has written one of the most successful pharmaceutical employment guides in publication - "How to Land Your Dream Job In Less than Three Months And Earn a Six-Figure Income In Pharmaceutical Sales."

This book has helped reinforce Hunter's position as a leading light in the pharmaceutical sales field, and further illustrates his willingness to pass on his experience to others in the industry.

On a personal level, Hunter is a keen outdoorsman and champion sailor.

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