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From: Hunter Davis
Thursday, 10:17 a.m.

Dear friend,

Have you been looking for a great new career in pharmaceutical sales?

Do you feel that you have been wasting a lot of time on this pursuit?

If you'd love to know the fastest and easiest way to land a high-paying, lucrative job ($100,000+ per year) as a pharmaceutical salesperson or pharmaceutical sales rep, then this will be the most important letter you read in your entire career.

Here's why: If you can follow the easy instructions on this page, you will be hired by the pharmaceutical company of your preference in the next 90 days -- guaranteed!

Have You Heard These Stories about
Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Too?

I would wager that you've already heard some of the "stories" about what it means to work as a pharmaceutical sales rep... and you are most likely wondering if they're correct. Allow me to introduce a few facts right from the beginning:

True or False? Earnings of over $100,000 are possible in your first year as a pharma sales rep working for a pharmaceutical corporation.

TRUE! Most jobs have a "starting salary" of somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000 per year...(keep in mind it goes up with inflation every year) but there is also a "bonus system" in effect that will usually put you over the $100,000 mark - IF you know what you're doing!

True or False? You get a free company car when you work for a pharmaceutical corporation.

TRUE! This is a standard "perk" that every pharmaceutical sales rep I know enjoys. Not only do you get a brand new car every three years (or sooner if you drive a lot), you also get FREE gas, FREE car repairs, and FREE car insurance.

True or False? You get a big "expense account" when you work for a pharmaceutical corporation.

TRUE! You may receive upwards of $65 000 a year to spend on fancy dinners, travel, car rentals, etc. You'll either be reimbursed by the company for the money you spend, or "most likely" they'll just give you a "corporate credit card" to pay these bills.

In fact, most of the fantastic stories you've heard about a job in pharmaceutical sales are all TRUE! You earn great money, are rewarded with many "perks" (like cars, vacations,even gift cards), and get to work mostly on your own with no "boss" looking over your shoulder and cramping your freedom!

Here's what Prompted me to Tell You How To
Guarantee Yourself A Pharmaceutical Sales Job...

My name is Hunter Davis, and I created this website because of an unique "problem" I've been having lately... and for most of my career!

You see, since I started working in the pharmaceutical industry eight years ago, I have not been shy about letting people know what a great job I have. I'm very proud of the work and career I have, and think it's wonderful that my corporation was willing to pay me so much money to go out every day and do what I love and find challenging.

When my friends, family members and acquaintances find out that I make a very lucrative six-figure income enjoying my work, day in and day out, a couple of things usually happen:

  • First, they become jealous. (Please know that I am not saying this to brag, but the fact is that most people I know work twice as much as I do... for less than half the pay. AND they don't get the fancy company car, the expense account, the free trips, etc.)
  • Then, they ask me how THEY can get a job in pharmaceutical sales!

Now, I am more than happy to do whatever I can to help anyone I know get a job in the pharmaceutical industry... and over the years I've shared my "insider secrets" on how to get hired with dozens of friends. And guess what?

Just about every person I've coached has
landed their "dream job within just a few months!

But over the past six months, I've been getting literally bombarded with phone calls, e-mails, and resumes from "friends of friends" who want my advice on how to get hired for a pharmaceutical sales job.

So, because I simply no longer have time to get together in-person with people and reveal my "system" for landing a pharmaceutical sales job, I've decided to take everything I know about getting hired and put it into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that virtually guarantees you the job of your choice in 3 months... or less!

It's called "The Pharma Career Guide System: How To Land Your Dream Job In Less Than Three Months And Earn A Fortune In Pharmaceutical Sales."

And as you're about to see, it really DOES contain absolutely everything you need to know in order to easily get hired in the pharmaceutical industry!

From Waiter To Highly-Paid Pharmaceutical
Sales Professional... In Almost No Time Flat!

First things first: Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have enough "experience" to get a job in pharmaceutical sales... because it is simply NOT true!

The fact is that MOST people who get hired to do pharmaceutical sales have ZERO experience in the industry. Heck, before I started making six figures as a pharma sales rep I was working as a waiter in a steak & seafood restaurant!

The key "secret" to landing the job is talking to the RIGHT people, and I'll show you exactly how to do it... even if you don't currently know ANYONE in the industry! You'll discover:

  • How to find out the names and phone numbers of the *EXACT* people who have the power to hire you -- even if you don't know ANYONE in the business.
  • How to avoid having your resume filed under 'G' -- for GARBAGE!
    (Fact: If you simply mail or fax your resume to pharmaceutical companies, nobody will EVER look at it. I'll show you how to guarantee that your resume gets read -- every time)
  • The "secret" goldmine (there's one in every neighborhood) that can give you the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of pharma reps who will gladly help you get a job with their company.
  • The selfish reason why pharmaceutical sales reps want to help YOU get a job -- even if they've never met you before! (It's a little-known fact, but they get FAT bonuses whenever their company hires someone they refer!)
  • The insider secrets that highly-paid "headhunters" use to gain instant access to hiring managers at EVERY pharmaceutical company on the planet!
  • The stupid mistake that 80% of job applicants make that *instantly* disqualifies them from a pharmaceutical sales job.

... and much more!

How To "Ace" Every Interview AND Guarantee
Yourself The Biggest Possible Paychecks!

If you follow my simple, step-by-step instructions, I can promise that you will EASILY be able to get as many job interviews as you like - with the companies of your choice.

However, consider yourself warned: Interviews for pharmaceutical sales jobs as NOTORIOUS for being intense and intimidating, and I've heard some pretty scary stories from terrified interviewees who simply weren't prepared for what goes on in the typical job interview...

The trick to a successful job interview in the pharmaceutical business is knowing - in advance - what questions you're going to be asked... and practicing your answers!

I'll tell you up front what questions you can expect to be asked, as well as the answers that your interviewer WANTS to hear! And I'll also share:

  • How to "sneak" your way into a job interview - and land the pharmaceutical sales job... every time! (The secret? Don't let the other person know it's an interview! I'll explain how on Page 27!)
  • My "Four Step Formula" for 'nailing' every pharmaceutical sales interview you go to. (Hiring managers aren't easily impressed... but they'll be blown away when you follow this formula!)
  • Interview questions that you MUST be prepared to answer before you ever try to get a job in the pharmaceutical industry. (These are the questions that EVERYONE gets asked... If you're prepared for them, you can handle them with confidence!)
  • How to "extract" key information from your interviewer. (This subtle bit of psychology usually gets the hiring manager to tell you EXACTLY what the "correct" answers are to their questions!)

How To Overcome the
"No Experience" Objection:

If you've never had a job in pharmaceutical sales before, don't make the mistake of trying to hide your inexperience during your job interview!

In fact, the BEST thing you can do is bring it up yourself!

The secret is knowing when to do it, how to say it, and how to convince your interviewer that your lack of experience is actually a big PLUS!

I know it sounds crazy, but this strategy has worked for dozens of people with ZERO experience who I have already helped land high-paying pharmaceutical sales jobs in this industry!

You'll also discover dozens of other insider tips for acing your job interview, including:

  • The fifteen-word question that you MUST end every single interview with to get a commitment from your interviewer. (Yes, it's bold... and YES!... It works almost every time!)
  • How to "save" an interview gone bad!
  • What to wear - and what NOT to wear - to an interview! (PLUS: The "real truth" about what hiring managers think about would-be pharmaceutical saleswomen who dress 'provocatively' for an interview. This one might surprise you!)
  • How to convince "headhunters" to get you interviews with major pharmaceutical companies -- even if you have NO experience! (There's one thing you MUST do before you ever talk to a headhunter... See Page 35 for details!)
  • Insider tips for negotiating salary and benefits. (Most companies will GLADLY pay you more than they are offering - as long as YOU know the "right way" to ask for it.)
  • How to guarantee yourself a bigger bonus check at the end of the year.
  • The secret strategy you can use to grab a HUGE "signing bonus" of $10,000... or much more! (This is money that the company will pay you... up front!... just for accepting a job with them. Find out why most people never get it - and how you can make sure YOU do - on Page 41!)

Insider Secrets To Impressing Your Manager
And Getting BIGGER Bonuses!

I'm going to be totally frank with you... Your first few months as a pharmaceutical sales rep can be pretty challenging. You'll be thrown into a pretty intimidating environment (in which you likely have no experience)... with nobody around to "hold your hand."

And pharmaceutical companies are notorious for firing brand-new reps after only a few weeks on the job... IF they don't see you doing a few KEY things the right way!

Luckily, you won't need to worry about any of this, because - in addition to my guarantee that you'll find a job QUICKLY using my system - you'll also get access to my proven methods for selling to doctors, nurses, and pharmacists!

This is the exact system that I use to sell over $2,000,000 worth of product every year. Needless to say, your manager will be very impressed when you start using these high-powered sales strategies... right from day one! You'll learn:

  • The THREE reasons that doctors will agree to prescribe your drugs. (If you can convince them on Reason #1, you're guaranteed the sale - every time!)
  • How to identify the small group of doctors that will be responsible for at least 80% of your success. (The biggest mistake pharmaceutical salespeople make is wasting time talking to doctors who will NEVER prescribe your drug! I'll show you how to identify the "movers and shakers" that will guarantee you a FAT bonus check!)
  • The three secret sources of "insider information" that EVERY pharmaceutical salesperson needs to know about. (These are the people who will give you the "No-B.S." truth on which doctors are prescribing your drugs... and which ones aren't!)
  • How to get doctors to do your selling for you! (This has been the KEY to my success in the industry... and I'll show you my techniques for getting influential doctors to actually do my job for me! See Page 52.)
  • How to get your "foot in the door" with hard-to-see doctors.
  • How to legally and ethically monitor your competition -- and gain a HUGE advantage that pays off with BIG year-end bonuses!
  • The best way to open conversations with doctors.
  • How to master the skill of "long-term" sales and guarantee yourself a solid reputation (and big paydays) in the pharmaceutical industry for years to come.
  • My proven Two-Step Formula for overcoming doctor's objections to prescribing your drug. (I've used this formula successfully for seven years... and it almost ALWAYS works!)
  • The easiest way to get promoted in the pharmaceutical industry. (It's extremely simple... yet almost NOBODY actually does it! See Page 87.)

Survival Tips for Working
with Upper Management:

In pharmaceutical sales, you are almost always "working for yourself." That is to say that there's no boss micro-managing your daily tasks... and nobody to keep tabs on when you start and finish you workday.

However, every couple of months, you will probably have to spend a day working with your manager. This lets "upper management" get an idea of how you are performing when you meet with doctors.

I'm not going to sugar-coat this... These "work-withs" can be VERY stressful -- IF you aren't prepared!

Over the past seven years, I've perfected a system that "wows" my manager every single time -- and I've taught it to a few of my colleagues who report that it's virtually eliminated stress from their job, and I'll share these same secrets with you in Chapter 18.

Here's *EVERYTHING* You Need To Guarantee
Yourself A Pharmaceutical Sales Career
That Pays You $100,000+ Per Year!

As you can see, this really is the single most comprehensive guide available on how to get a high-paying job in pharmaceutical sales.

Not only does it tell you absolutely everything you need to know about getting hired AND negotiating the highest salary and bonus for yourself, it ALSO reveals the secrets of how to be the most effective pharmaceutical salesperson your manager has ever seen.

(And that means bigger bonuses, faster raises, and more frequent promotions for you!)

If you had to learn the information I'm giving you by "trial and error," I can tell you that you'd probably spend the next 4 - 6 months banging your head against the wall, wondering why the companies you sent your resumes to AREN'T calling you back.

Or worse, you might actually get a few interviews... and then totally "blow" them - all because you didn't know exactly what the interviewer wanted to hear from you!

So that's why I've decided to make this information available to you for a low, one-time investment of just $47.

And just to prove to you that I am extremely serious about your success, I'm about to do something extraordinary for you...

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If you're already excited about getting your own copy of this complete 104 page system to guarantee yourself a pharmaceutical sales job, then I think you're REALLY going to like what I have to say next:

In order to make absolutely sure that you're getting the most complete job search success tool available today, I'm including $59 worth of BONUS products at no charge!


The Pharma Career Guide System
"PRO Resume Template!"
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This is the easiest way to ensure that you have a winning resume that will get you the interview and career in pharmaceutical sales. Simply type in the relevant information and make the template your resume.

Most people are shocked at how effective these types of resumes are. Once you have a look at the template you will understand why they are successful.

It is not uncommon to notice a 50%... 70%... or better uptake rate and call back in a very short period of time!

  • Fill in the work experience section and take notice of specific wording that is used.

  • Use words that are included as great descriptor words that will help you stand out from the rest!

  • Save money on expensive resume services that can run $400-$500!



The Pharma Career Guide System
"Field-Tested Cover Letter Template!"
(Value:  $22 -- Yours FREE!)

Let's face it: Getting your resume looked at is an essential step to getting yourself in the interview chair, let alone in the high paying career in pharma sales and will require more than just reading a book.. you actually have to take action!

That is why -- for a limited time -- I'm also including a cover letter template that you can use to accent your resume. This template has been proven through field testing to work and create "YOU" as a successful product.

The System already includes contact information for most of the major pharmaceutical companies, so all you have to do is:

  • Simply fill in the different company names and make small changes so that your cover letter reflects you and your experience.

  • Attach with your resume and mail to the "Human Resource" that I'll SHOW you how to find at all the major pharmaceutical companies!

  • Let the proven, field-tested template get RESULTS. This template has landed numerous job interviews and started many a career!


FACT: Most resumes get filed under "G" (Garbage). You need tools that work -- bottom line.

"The Pharma Career Guide Program" is the ONLY system that comes with this PROVEN performing template that can truly guarantee your success!

Please note:  These bonus products are NOT currently available separately, so the ONLY way to access them is by claiming your own copy of the Pharma Career Guide System.

Get started tonight from the comfort of
your own home with absolutely NO RISK!

Now, it wouldn't be entirely honest of me to say that you'll be learning all the same strategies that my clients who pay me $300 an hour get... because you'll actually be getting much, much more!

(Let's face it:  There's no way I could get through the entire contents of a 104-page guidebook in just a 1 or 2 hour session with a client!)

And the good new for you is that -- because I'm selling this program entirely online -- I'm able to offer it to you for FAR less than the $300 I charge for an in-person consultation.

In fact, "The Pharma Career Guide System" is currently available (through this website ONLY) for just $47.

(And since everything is delivered to you electronically, there aren't even any shipping or handling charges!)

Now, you've already heard me say that I guarantee this program will work in your career search, and I'm sure you'll agree that's a pretty bold statement... So here's how I'M going to prove it to you:

You're Guaranteed A Pharma Sales Job
- Or You Pay Nothing!

Look, this easy-to-follow system is - without a doubt - the single BEST resource you will find anywhere on how to land a lucrative pharmaceutical sales job... how to start your career in pharmaceutical sales... and be extremely successful AFTER you've been hired!

And I'm so confident about this claim that I can prove it to you by putting my money where my mouth is! So here's the deal:

100% Money-Back, Zero-Risk Guarantee:

Grab your copy of "The Pharma Career Guide System: How to Land Your Dream Job In Less than Three Months And Earn a Six-Figure Income In Pharmaceutical Sales" and follow the simple steps *exactly* as I've laid them out for you.

If three months pass and you have NOT been hired by the pharmaceutical company of your choice, just send me an e-mail and I will promptly refund your money.

No hassles. No headaches. And no questions asked.

How To Jump-Start Your Pharmaceutical
Sales Career
In The Next Two Minutes!

Here's the bottom line: If you want to land a high-paying ($100,000+ per year) job as a pharmaceutical sales person, and learn the secrets to succeeding in your new career, then you need this system.

It tells you literally everything you need to know, and it's all laid out in an easy to follow, step-by-step system, so it's practically impossible for you to fail!

There's no waiting for a package to arrive in the mail... no shipping fees... just all the steps and skills you need, all delivered within 2 minutes from now!

And remember, this system is 100% guaranteed to work. If it doesn't, just send me an e-mail anytime in the next three months and I'll refund your money immediately!

Simply click on the button below to get started today:

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We accept payment through our secure server using PayPal, the world's most secure payment processor. And every purchase is backed by a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee -- so you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you have any questions, I invite you to call me at 1-778-230-7699.

All the best,

Hunter Davis
Author & Six-Figure Pharmaceutical Sales Rep